Creation Design Example Of Builder Pattern Guide

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Three Reasons Why You Would Generally Like The Builder Pattern

In the Java Programming language, there are mainly three ways which are useful to create many new objects. This includes:

  • The builder pattern
  • The JavaBeans pattern
  • The telescoping constructor (anti) pattern

Now, over the other two methods, the builder pattern is such thing which is preferred mostly. This is due to many reasons such as:

The builder pattern is mainly described here. Along with that, the general benefits of using it in the Effective Java are also described.

Apart from that, here are given three other important reasons which will help in the clear understanding that why the builder pattern is the preferred option over the both JavaBeans pattern as well as the telescoping constructor pattern.

It Contributes To Enforce You With Better Design

If you are either using the JavaBeans pattern or telescopic constructor pattern, then that means the overall properties of the created object must be generally created before the creation of the actual object. It might or might not cause any such problem. It does not create any specific problem if generally the overall properties of the created object are fetched by any kind of external service. It creates a problem if certainly there is the creation of the properties in the method and so, it creates the target object.

The lifecycle of the target object is often bound in the latter scenario by mainly the lifecycle of the created objects. So, the DDD or Domain-driven design pattern can be helped to be used by the builder pattern and so, it is known as the aggregate.

It Makes You Think

In the traditional way, the writing of the code can be generally considered as an easy option as you do not have to think. The thing which is only needed in this regard is the proper writing of the code. So, the information is mainly copied from one place to another. Sometimes it might be taken for doing it. But, it will not create any problem as it is completely in your comfort zone.

It Certainly Helps You In The Creation Of The Domain Specific Languages

It is really very hard sometimes to add the business meaning to your code if you generally use to create new objects by the usage of the JavaBeans pattern or telescoping constructor pattern. If you try, then the overall situation can easily be improved.



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